Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you may need home health care.  It could be to ensure the smooth transition from hospital to home.  It could also be to prevent yourself or your loved one from the risks of falling down.  Whether it’s for short-term or long-term care in your home that you need, Texas Premier Home Healthcare, Inc. knows that your needs are different.

We choose YOU!

When we develop care plans, we choose YOU as the basis.  You will have a say in the kind of care you receive, the personnel who will handle your care requirements and the frequency of visits that we make to your home.

Who can receive services from Texas Premier Home Healthcare, Inc.?

Services are available to anyone recovering from surgery or illness who requires physician-directed nursing, therapy, social and other related services in his or her place of residence, if institutional care is not required and health needs cannot be met on an outpatient basis.

Most people who receive home healthcare services are home-bound.  Texas Premier Home Healthcare, Inc. serves a large number of older adults due to the special needs of this group. Interested physicians or families should feel free to call for answers to any questions they may have about our services.