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Welcome to Texas Premier Home Healthcare, Inc.

Texas Premier Home Healthcare, Inc. recognizes your needs before you ask for help. Being in the home health care industry for so long, we’ve grown inclined to what our clientele may need.  With full hearts, we bring them the care services they could use at home.

We know that moving your sick or disabled family member to a nursing home, rehabilitation facility or hospital will cost you more than you are financially capable.  We rid you of this burden by providing you with a cost-effective solution through home health services.

Home Health Services can be provided by the following professionals:

thumbs-up iconPhysicians visit patients in their homes to diagnose and treat illnesses just as they do in hospitals and private offices.

thumbs-up iconRegistered Nurses (RNs) and Licensed Vocational Nurses (LVNs) provide skilled services.

thumbs-up iconPhysical Therapists (PTs) work to restore the mobility and strength of patients who are limited to disability by physical injuries.

thumbs-up iconOccupational Therapists (OTs) help individuals who have physical, developmental, social or emotional problems.

thumbs-up iconHCAs/Home Health Aides assist patients with ADLs.

Service Areas

1. Collin 3. Denton
2. Dallas 4. Kaufman
5. Rockwall 6. Tarrant
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Texas Premier Home Healthcare, Inc. can help ensure that you would continue enjoying your independence in the comfort of your own home while getting all the care you need.